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Needs and Pains in the Commercial Valuation of Consumer Manufacturers and Store Chains

Commercial Assessment of Manufacturers and Store Chains

In today's dynamic business world, manufacturers and retail chains face unique challenges in the commercial valuation of their companies before and during critical processes such as mergers, acquisitions, or capital investments.

What does the Commercial Valuation of a company consist of?

The commercial valuation of companies is a critical step that determines the credible ability of a company to continue generating sales and growth and the risks associated with its operation. This exercise influences the calculation of the financial value of the business to reduce risks in investment decisions, negotiation strategies, mergers, purchases, and capital contributions.

Manufacturers and retail chains seek precision and a deep understanding of the market in their valuations. However, when it comes to investing in an ongoing consumer company, it is of utmost importance to know the capacity of the commercial team to deliver results, as well as the evaluation of the risks associated with its supply chain, the profile of distributors, competitiveness in stores, levels of coverage, distribution and the quality of service and execution in strategic stores, among other key things that can greatly affect the projected result of the business and the risk of the operation.

Lack of adequate information and underestimation of these aspects as well as intangible assets, such as brand value, and consumer and customer loyalty, are common pains. These challenges can lead to inaccurate valuations, negatively affecting negotiations and the outcome of merger, purchase, or capital contribution processes.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Advisor

Choosing an advisor with specific experience in the commercial area in the consumer and retail industry is essential. TMC Commercial Consultants in its 28 years of operation in Latin America has managed to position itself as a strategic ally in the commercial valuation processes of consumer product manufacturers and store chains that need to calculate or justify their value in the market, as well as funds from investment and financial entities involved in large-scale merger, purchase or capital contribution processes.

Due to the focus and specialization of our team in the commercial area, we have the ability to get the job done in less time. We know exactly what we have to validate and have advanced data analysis tools and methodologies to guarantee accurate assessments.

TMC has managed to positively impact the strategic decisions of numerous companies throughout the region.

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Carlos Ignacio Alfonzo, Partner TMC Consultores

Written by Carlos Ignacio Alfonzo, managing partner of TMC Consultores Comerciales . If you want to learn about TMC's consulting or training products in this area, write to us at and we will immediately contact you.

If we are not yet connected on LinkedIn it will be a pleasure to have you in my network of contacts.

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