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About us?

TMC Consultores is a recognized business consulting firm in the commercial area with 28 years of experience offering top knock solutions to consumer manufacturing companies and retailers in Latin America, Spain, and the USA.    

Why TMC Consultores?

Experience and Knowledge

Our vast experience and deep knowledge have allowed us to consolidate ourselves as the consulting company that best knows the dynamics of the Traditional Channel in Latin America.


In 28 years, we have built a strong network of professionals in manufacturing companies, retailers and distributors across Latin American markets.

Strategic Thinking

Our experienced team of consultants think outside the box, bringing the latest technology available to challenge the status quo and find new ways to solve problems.


Clients trust us with their most complex challenges, their most sensitive information, and their biggest business ambitions.

Result Driven

We do not sell theory or books. We focus on the task of accelerating our clients' sales in all commercial channels and prepare your organization to continue delivering results in future.


Our team maintains a high level of service for our clients, even in times of uncertainty or stress, making us a reliable and valuable partner in difficult times.


Our vast experience and knowledge in all areas of commercial management have allowed us to consolidate ourselves as the consulting company that best knows the commercial dynamics of all sales channels and types of stores in Latin America.


Juan Manuel Domínguez

CEO - Spain

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Carlos Alfonzo_edited_edited.jpg

Carlos Ignacio Alfonzo

Partner - USA

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RICHARD SUCRE_edited_edited_edited_edite

Richard Sucre

Partner - USA

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Senior Consultants

Our commitment is to drive growth and innovation for our clients, providing strategic and customized business solutions that align with current market trends. At TMC Consultores Comerciales, we are more than consultants, we are your strategic partners for commercial success.

Antonio Dugarte_edited_edited.jpg

Antonio Dugarte


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Francisco Risquez


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Margaret Ayala


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Alfredo Del Castillo


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carlos cardona_edited_edited.jpg

Carlos Cardona


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Ambrosio Goitte


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Meet the leaders of the Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence team


Georges Jabbour


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Systems Engineer (Magna Cum Laude), Master in Statistics and Doctorate in Applied Sciences (Engineering), with experience in commercial, industrial, Government and academic environments.


Francisco Ocampo


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Senior data scientist and Professor of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Research and ICT at the Gran Colombia University of Armenia, with an undergraduate degree in economics and a master's degree in engineering with an emphasis in data analytics from the University of Quindío.

We strengthen your strategic commercial capacity to accelerate the growth of your business in a profitable way

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