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Diseño de promociones efectivas



Learn to Design Effective Promotions for your products and key categories in all types of physical and digital stores in the TMC Commercial Consultants course. Register now!

Why is it important to learn to Design Effective Promotions?

In a market saturated with offers and promotions, standing out and capturing consumer attention has become an increasingly challenging task for mass consumption companies. The difference between a successful campaign and one that goes unnoticed can lie in small details that, however, require a deep understanding of the market and consumer psychology.

The first stone on the road to promotional effectiveness is the lack of clear objectives. Without a defined destination, any path seems valid, but how do we know if we have arrived? Setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-sensitive (SMART) goals is essential for any campaign.

The lack of knowledge of the target promotional audience continues to be a serious shortcoming. Understanding who decides to purchase your product, what they need, what they value, and how they behave across different channels is essential to creating messages that resonate and motivate action.

Poor execution of promotions is another Achilles heel. Logistical problems, lack of stock, or confusing communication can ruin even the best of deals. Finally, insufficient measurement and analysis limit our ability to learn from past mistakes and successes, preventing continuous improvement.

In this course you will find Examples of Failed Promotions

Let's imagine a "Buy one, get two" promotion in a chain store, where the second product was not available in half of the points of sale. Customer frustration echoed on social media, tarnishing the brand's reputation.

Another example could be an exclusive online discount campaign that, due to technical failures, ended up being inaccessible for many users during the first hours. The promotion, far from attracting new customers, generated a wave of negative comments and distrust.

Learn the step by step to Design Effective and Profitable Promotions

Knowing our client deeply is not only desirable, but necessary. Tools such as surveys, social media analysis and market research can provide valuable insights about our consumers.

Clarity in the promotion objectives guides all decisions related to the campaign: from design to execution and measurement of results. On the other hand, creativity and innovation can differentiate our offer in a sea of similar promotions. Finally, rigorous evaluation and measurement allows us to understand what worked, what didn't and why, facilitating informed decision making for future campaigns.

Promotions are a powerful tool in any CPG company's marketing arsenal, but their design and execution require a strategic, data-driven approach. By avoiding common mistakes and adopting a customer- and business-focused approach, companies can significantly increase the effectiveness and profitability of their promotional campaigns.

Learning objective

Learn how to design and implement winning PROMOTIONS in physical and digital stores, aligned with the brand situation, the mission and the purchasing behavior of the target Shopper.

Who is it for?

  • Executives and Managers of the areas of Trade Marketing, Shopper Marketing and Key Accounts

  • Executives and Managers of Consumer Marketing, Brand or Category Management.

  • Executives and Managers of the execution and implementation areas in stores 

What will you learn in this course?

  • Commercial Process: they will learn the step by step from the design, implementation to the final evaluation of results. In each of these steps, they will gain knowledge of the best practices in promotional matters. 

  • The Target Shopper:  will understand how to build a deep understanding of the profile, purchase mission and behavior of the Shopper in digital or physical stores.

  • Promotional Mechanics and Incentives: define the correct incentives and develop mechanics aligned with the situation of the brand, the purchase mission and the behavior that we want to influence in the Shopper. 

  • Financial evaluation of the promotion: learn to perform basic promotional financial calculations. ROI, breakeven point of promotion, cannibalization and post-promotional effect.

We analyze real cases from different segments of the industry 

The course is structured in 8 modules

Module 1

Strategic importance of promotions for manufacturers and retailers. 

Module 2

How to make an effective diagnosis of the barriers to growth of the brand by channel and type of store

Module 3

How to define the objective of the promotional activity, focused on solving the cause of the growth barrier.

Module 4

How to select the optimal incentive to compensate for the cost of changing the buying habit in the store.

Module 5

Design of the mechanics of the promotion aligned to the profile of the Target Shopper, the purchase mission and the purchasing behavior in the store. Promotional brief.

Module 6

How to carry out an effective omnichannel communication of the promotion in the physical or digital store.

Module 7

How to build the financial analysis of the promotion. Costs and Return.

Module 8

Methodology for effective monitoring and evaluation of promotional activity. 

Meet your instructors

Emotional Shopping Experiences
Carlos Alfonzo

Carlos I Alfonzo

Managing Partner

  • LinkedIn

Ms. Behavioral Neuroscience

PUCRS, Brazil


IESA, Venezuela

juan manuel dominguez

Juan M. Dominguez



Arizona State University

IESA, Professor

UNIMET, Professor

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Diseño de Promociones Efectivas TMC Consultores

Promotions aligned to the Shopper Profile

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