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Commercial Courses & Diplomas

In-Company & Public Classrooms

More than 1,500 executives from leading companies in the region recommend it

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Do you want to develop your sales team?

We offer 3 different ways to implement the courses


  • In-person classroom with a maximum of 30 participants.


  • 2 days (16hr) of training


  • Examples and practical exercises designed for the company.


  • Includes a trip to a practical exercise in a store with equipment

Online Exclusive

  • Synchronous online classrooms twice a week for 1.5 hours on specific days and times for 1 month


  • Examples and practical exercises designed for the company.


  • Response to written questions in up to 24 hours

  • Weekly meeting with Facilitator to review exercises for 2 months


  • Recorded sessions (asynchronous) and available 24x7. The student advances at the desired pace


  • Examples and generic practical exercises from various categories


  • Response to questions in writing in up to 48 hours

  • Meeting with the Facilitator at the end of the course for questions and review of exercises.

Why learn with TMC Consultores?

Cursos y Diplomados Comerciales de TMC Consultores

70% of the content is PRACTICAL

Available Courses


Trade Marketing Management

Learn with the best-selling Trade Marketing Management course in Latin America to design and implement the best commercial strategy to grow your business by commercial channel and type of store.


Shopper Marketing

Participate in the TMC Commercial Consultants Shopper Marketing Course. Learn to know and persuade your target customer or shopper more effectively in all stores, physical or digital. Register now!


Design of Effective Promotions

Learn to Design Effective Promotions for your products and key categories in all types of physical and digital stores in the TMC Commercial Consultants course. Register now!


Excellent In-Store Execution

Learn to design execution guides for your categories and strategic brands in all types of stores, and to excellently implement the Perfect Store or Photo of Success concept. Register now!


Joint Business Plan

Improve your strategic alliances with the Joint Planning Training Program or Joint Business Plan from TMC Consultores. Gain practical knowledge and skills to create effective collaborative plans with your business partners.


Category Management

Learn to determine the main growth drivers for your key category and build a development plan for your main marketing channels, physical and digital stores.

In-Company Courses

The following courses are built with information available from each company, with practical exercises and role plays.


Sales and Trade Marketing Plan

Learn to carry out an in-depth diagnosis of your company, and design the best strategy that allows you to accelerate the growth of your business by Region and Sales Channel


Persuasive Selling

Learn to identify the client's need, build the Value Proposition and sell it persuasively, using the most advanced Behavioral Neuroscience techniques.


Commercial Negotiation

Learn to evaluate your real negotiating power, define your trading stance, create your list of negotiation variables, and design the negotiation process. Learn to control your emotions and manage conflicts and objections with conditional exchange.

Do you know the gaps in your sales team?

Would you like to know which skills are the most critical to be developed in your sales team so that they can achieve sales objectives?

We will help you not only to identify them, but also to close them in the short term with a detailed training plan tailored to your needs.

TMC book Emotional Shopping Experiences
Diplomado Excelencia en Trade y Shopper Marketing TMC Consultores



Diplomado en Trade Marketing y Shopper Marketing con certificación internacional y 64 horas académicas. Aulas online e in-company.  El mejor y más completo programa de capacitación en consumo masivo en América Latina.

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