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Investigating purchasing habits and behavior

We conduct market research to uncover potential obstacles and opportunities for growth for your key categories in your most relevant sales channels.

Acelerar crecimiento de categorías TMC Consultores

We can help you accelerate the growth of your strategic categories.

Today, to serve the target consumer and shopper better than your competition, it is necessary to deeply understand their needs and patterns of consumption and purchasing behavior, since the opportunities to capture their attention become increasingly limited.

The TMC Consultores Comerciales team excels in conducting observational studies of in-store behavior, which allows you to identify opportunities and threats for your brand that will serve as a basis for the design of the strategy and action plans to accelerate its growth.

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Do you need to wake up the Shopper of your category?

  • Determination of barriers and opportunities

  • Decision tree in category

  • Direction of navigation in the Planogram

  • Decision time

  • Relevance of incentives and promotions