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Curso Excelencia en Ejecución en Tiendas TMC Consultores



Learn to design execution guides for your categories and strategic brands in all types of stores, and to excellently implement the Perfect Store or Photo of Success concept. Register now!

Why is the Excellent Store Execution course important?

While it is crucial that the leaders of your organization know how to develop a strategy, it is critical that they themselves be able to execute it perfectly. It takes an agile and fully enabled team to translate any strategy into action.


Breaking down strategy into logical components, understanding how to track progress and innovate, and developing the right execution tactics is crucial to success.


Regardless of the complexity of the strategy, success depends on dynamic management and implementation of the strategy.

Execution is where the real work begins, and it's where managers are most needed by their organizations.

Learning objective

Learn how to design and implement an Excellent Execution (Perfect Store or Success Photo) by store segment and efficiently manage the complexity of activation plans in physical and digital stores.

Who is it for?

  • Executives and Managers of the areas of Trade Marketing, Shopper Marketing and Key Accounts

  • Executives and Managers of Consumer Marketing, Brand or Category Management.

  • Executives and Managers of the execution and implementation areas in stores 

What will you learn in this course?

  • Identify the KEY points for excellent execution

  • Select the most suitable types of store by activity

  • Calculate the minimum number of stores needed to reach the goal.

  • Identify critical processes, tasks and responsible parties.

  • Mechanisms to keep the customer aligned throughout the entire period of activity in your stores

  • Define monitoring and control mechanisms

The course is structured in 8 modules

Module 1

Excellent Execution Model in Stores. Importance of the quality of execution. 

Module 2

The Perfect Store. The basics. 

How to define the minimum and optimal assortment per store?

Module 3

Planograms and Space Management. Space allocation guidelines and exhibition order.

Module 4

Communication and Price  what should I communicate, where in the store, with what kind of encouragement, how often?

Module 5

What type of stores is needed to implement the commercial strategy?

How to calculate the number of stores needed to reach the goal?

Module 6

How to align the internal and external teams involved in the implementation of the activity?

Module 7

Mechanisms and tools for monitoring and evaluating the activity.

Module 8

Presentation of the execution plan to the panel of experts

Now available in the digital version!


Meet your instructors

Emotional Shopping Experiences
Carlos Alfonzo

Carlos I Alfonzo

Managing Partner

Ms. Behavioral Neuroscience

PUCRS, Brazil


IESA, Venezuela

  • LinkedIn
Juan Manuel Dominguez

Juan M. Dominguez



Arizona State University

IESA, Professor

UNIMET, Professor

  • LinkedIn
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