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Curso Shopper Marketing Omnicanal



Participate in the TMC Commercial Consultants Shopper Marketing Course. Learn to know and persuade your target customer or shopper more effectively in all stores, physical or digital. Register now!

Why is the Shopper Marketing course important?

A Shopper Marketing course provides tools to understand the target buyer, design effective strategies and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive environment in all types of physical or digital stores. Participants will learn to analyze buyer behavior, generate relevant experiences at the point of sale, integrate key functions and apply methodologies based on neuroscience.

The world is changing rapidly and the way we behave, what we decide and the way we buy it, are the main agents of change.

The search for maximum convenience and the loss of loyalty towards established brands help trigger the growth of online sales, white or private labels and the need to redefine, as a consequence, the contact strategy with the target Shopper.

The world has changed and we have to continue selling profitably.

In this course we will challenge traditional Shopper Marketing practices and learn to redesign the strategy to encourage the Shopper to buy more or more frequently - both offline and online - our products and services.

Learning objective

Learn to use the most effective methodologies and tools of Neuroscience to increase the effectiveness of activities aimed at the Shopper through all sales channels, both physical and online.

For whom is it directed?

  • Executives and Managers of the areas of Trade Marketing, Shopper Marketing and Key Accounts

  • Executives and Managers of Consumer Marketing, Brand or Category Management.

  • Executives and Managers of the execution and implementation areas in stores

What will you learn in this Shopper Marketing course?

  • Establish a clear purpose for Shopper Marketing within the commercial organization.​

  • Increase the quantity and quality of Shopper Insights:

    • Identify the barriers to buying more, more expensively or more frequently your product or service.​

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication material in the store.

    • More effective purchasing behavior observation methodology.

  • Identify the most effective stimuli and mechanisms to encourage behavioral change in physical or digital stores.

The Shopper Marketing course is structured in 8 modules

Module 1

Basic concepts of Shopper Marketing and Neuromarketing. Strategic role of Shopper Marketing and its integration with other functions.  

Module 2

Brain, emotions and their impact on the purchase decision.

Module 3

Shopper Journey and its stages in the physical and online world. Methodology of evaluation and control of purchasing behavior

Module 4

Shoppers and Stores segmentation models based on purchasing habits. Ticket analysis with Machine Learning.

Module 5

Evaluation of the shopping experience of your category and brand in the store.

Module 6

How to communicate the argument of persuasion with the 5 senses and in an omnichannel way? 

Module 7

How to change a shopping routine in a sustainable way?

Module 8

Activity monitoring and evaluation methodology.


How does this course compare to others on the market?

100% better or much better


Would you recommend the course?

100% Yes or Definitely Yes

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Applicability of the content in your work?

100% Yes or Definitely Yes

Do you want to start today?

TMC offers you the flexibility to access recorded classrooms at any time and from any device.

  • 8 Video Classrooms available 24x7

  • Access from any device

  • Examples and practical exercises from various mass consumption and retail categories

  • Response to questions regarding practical exercises in up to 24 hours by email

  • Individual video conference with TMC Senior Consultant at the end of the course to review the implementation plan of what was learned in your company.

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