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Curso Joint Business Plan TMC Consultores



Improve your strategic alliances with the Joint Planning Training Program or Joint Business Plan from TMC Consultores. Gain practical knowledge and skills to create effective collaborative plans with your business partners.

Why is the Joint Business Plan Course important?

The Joint Business Plan (JBP), or Joint Business Plan, is a strategy that involves planning executed collaboratively between the industry and retailers. Through this collaboration, shared objectives are established and long-term strategies are designed. This strategic alliance allows us to take advantage of the strengths of both parties and achieve positive results for everyone, including the target buyer or Shopper.

The game has changed and yet many retailers and their suppliers still operate with old independent planning practices, seeking to maximize their own profit, missing valuable opportunities to collaborate through the generation of joint information and strategies.

While the importance of collaboration may seem obvious, implementation is often difficult and complex – a battle of egos, interests and secrets.

Many retailers and manufacturers believe that most collaboration initiatives have not worked due to a lack of commitment or interest from the counterparty. When we take a closer look at what's going on and talk independently with each side, we find deep frustration at the inability to make the relationship work on their terms . We hear phrases like “the client always does what he wants”, “he does not comply with what was agreed upon”, “he does not collaborate”.

In this course we will teach you step by step to establish the bridges that will lead you to hold constructive discussions to increase the probability of success of the plan, without ceasing to have the Shopper at the center of the equation.

Learning objective

Learn to build a collaborative strategic plan between manufacturers and retailers for the development of a category in a store or key account, with clear responsibilities, objectives, delivery dates and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating results.

Who is it for?

  • Executives and Managers of the Trade Marketing, Key Accounts and Sales areas

  • Executives and Category Managers

  • Owners and Managers of physical or digital stores.

What will you learn in this Joint Business Plan course?

Participants will be guided through an actual hands-on process that will include:

  • Development of counterparty profile independently (manufacturer and retailer)

  • Assessment of the situation, generation of actionable insights and identification of opportunities and risks

  • Priority and Risk Alignment Process

  • Joint Goal Setting

  • Design of strategies and action plans

  • Multifunctional work teams for validation of the plan

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The course is structured in 8 modules

Module 1

Introduction to JBP. Why JBP? Why work together? Benefits and difficulties.

Module 2

Business diagnosis. Sources of Information, Management Indicators and determination of priorities.

Module 3

Evaluation of the shopping experience (CX) and quality of execution of the category in stores

Module 4

The Role of the Category for the Manufacturer and for the Retailer.  Benchmarks, Issues and Opportunities.

Module 5

Strategic Prioritization: Prioritization Model: Impact x Urgency x Readiness.

Module 6

Vision, objectives and strategies: how to take advantage of the counterpart's strengths to capitalize on opportunities?

Module 7

Construction of Plans. Definition of Tasks and Actions. Sources of growth and Building Blocks.

Module 8

Conflict identification and resolution. Expected return. Control mechanisms.

References of real cases included in the course

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How is this course administered?

The course is 100% IN-COMPANY modality, that is, each course is taught exclusively by client to guarantee the focus on their business reality.

Maximum 30 participants!

Video Classrooms

  • 2 classes per week of 1.5 hours each

  • 1 month duration

  • Practical guide and exercises that must be carried out throughout the course for the construction of the plan.

  • Evaluation and feedback sessions with TMC staff.

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