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How do you determine that your company requires a Business Assessment urgently?

Business Assessment

Adaptation and evolution are imperative to stay competitive in the dynamic world of mass consumption. However, sometimes even the most established and successful companies face challenges that hinder their growth and performance. Identifying when the time is right to conduct an in-depth Business Assessment can make the difference between stagnation and continued success.

Some key indicators that may signal the need for a strategic assessment:

Stagnation or Decline in Sales:

One of the most obvious indicators that a consumer company needs to reevaluate its business approach is stagnation or decline in sales. Although fluctuations in sales are normal in trading, a sustained downward trend is a clear sign that something is not working as planned. This decline could be the result of a variety of factors, ranging from changes in consumer preferences to intensifying competition. A Business Assessment would help identify the underlying causes of this trend and develop effective strategies to reverse it.

Low Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate, which represents the percentage of potential shoppers who ultimately make a purchase, is a critical indicator of the effectiveness of a company's sales strategies. A low conversion rate may indicate that the company is struggling to connect with its target audience or that there are significant hurdles in the buying process that deter potential customers. By conducting a Business Assessment, a company can identify problem areas in its sales funnel and take steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its sales process.

Inadequate Marketplace Coverage:

Inadequate market coverage may indicate that the company is not reaching all channels or strategic store segments effectively. This may be due to limited geographical distribution, an underdeveloped distribution network, or a lack of presence in key sales channels. A Business Assessment can help identify gaps in market coverage and develop route-to-market strategies to expand the presence of the company's brands and reach a greater number of potential stores.

Low Customer Satisfaction:

The success of a business is largely dependent on the satisfaction of its customers. It is unlikely that the company can grow significantly and even begin to lose market share if customers are not satisfied with its service levels. Business Assessments can help identify areas where a company isn't meeting customer expectations and develop strategies to improve customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.

High Operating Costs:

High operating costs can undermine a company's profitability and hinder its ability to invest in growth and innovation. If operating costs are steadily increasing or if there are glaring inefficiencies in business processes, it may be necessary to conduct a Business Assessment to identify areas where improvements can be implemented and costs reduced.

Low Market Share or Loss of Market Share:

A decline in market share may indicate that the company is losing ground to the competition. This could be the result of the company's inability to adapt to changes in consumer preferences, a lack of innovation in products or services, or ineffective marketing strategies. A Business Assessment can help identify the underlying causes of this loss of market share and develop strategies to regain and retain market share.

Lack of Innovation or New Product Development:

Innovation is critical to continued growth and relevance in the market. If a company is struggling to innovate or develop new products that resonate with customers, it may be time to conduct a Business Assessment to identify market opportunities and areas where new and exciting products can be developed.


 An in-depth Business Assessment can provide consumer companies with a clear understanding of their market position and help identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. By taking steps to address these key indicators, companies can strengthen their competitiveness and set themselves up for long-term success in a dynamic and challenging business environment.

The TMC Consultants team can help you implement a Business Assessment of your company, to ensure the success and long-term sustainability of the business.


Juan Manuel Domínguez

Written by Juan Manuel Domínguez R. CEO of TMC Commercial Consultants. If you are interested in learning about TMC's consulting or training products in this matter, write to us at and we will immediately contact you.

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